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Planning a wedding is a serious & stressful undertaking. There are budgets to adhere to, timelines & guest lists to develop, and itineraries & logistics to sort out. Luckily for you, Hit Parade has over two decades of experience planning and playing weddings. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions by couples looking for a live wedding band.

Wedding FAQ

Q:  What are the space requirements for a live band?

A:  Space requirements vary depending on the number of musicians, and types of instruments on stage. Hit Parade is a 4- piece group. Our recommended minimum stage space is 12 feet deep by 16 feet wide. Can we make it work with less space? Absolutely. Will we use more space if available? Of course. We've seen it all. We'll make it work. 

Q:  Is an elevated stage required for the band?

A:  No. Elevated stages are great. They add a real "rockshow" feel to your wedding. However, if the venue does not provide a stage, or budget does not allow for it, we can setup on the floor.

Q:  Does Hit Parade provide a stage?

A:  Hit Parade does not provide a stage. The client or venue can rent a stage from a party/event rental company if so desired.

Q:  Is a tent required for outdoor events?

A:  Yes. Regardless of how great the weather forecast, Hit Parade will not setup equipment exposed to rain or snow. We require all musicians and equipment to be covered above and on 3 sides. 

Q:  What are the band's power requirements?

A:  Hit Parade requires a minimum of two (2) isolated 15 amp circuits, or a single 20 amp circuit. These circuits cannot be shared by any other services (catering, lighting, motorized equipment, etc.) Power outlets should be 10' or less from the stage. We request access to the venue's breaker panel, or a venue contact with access should be present on the day of the wedding... just in case. Most modern wedding venues are designed with adequate power for live entertainment.

Q:  Are generators an acceptable source of power?

A:  Yes. For outdoor events with limited power, a gas/diesel-powered generator can provide adequate power for live entertainment. Generators must be rated at 3000 watts or higher, and provide a minimum of two (2) isolated 15 amp circuits, or a single 20 amp circuit. These circuits cannot be shared by any other services (catering, lighting, motorized equipment, etc.) Generators should be positioned 20 feet or further from the stage and exhausted away from the band. Distance extension should be 10 or 12-gauge outdoor/industrial extension cords.

Q:  How much time is require for setup & teardown?

A:  Hit Parade requests a minimum of three (3) hours of setup up time and one (1) hour of teardown time. Can we make it work with less time? Sure. But we like to allow ample time for setup, testing, and an adequate soundcheck.

Q:  What time does the band arrive?

A:  We like to be setup, checked, and quiet no less than 30-minutes prior to guest arrival. Example: If your guests are arriving at 3:30pm for a 4:00pm ceremony, the band will plan to arrive at 12-noon and be checked and quiet by 3:00pm.

Q:  What happens if the wedding runs behind schedule?

A:  Every wedding runs behind schedule. Plan on it. Make peace with it. Let it go and enjoy your big day. Hit Parade will do our best to keep things moving on schedule, but some factors are beyond our control; pictures run long, caterer/dinner delays, crazy-long speeches, etc. If the wedding is running behind schedule, Hit Parade will try to accommodate by taking a shorter band break between sets, or possibly even no break at all, to avoid cutting short the live music portion of the evening.

Q:  Will the band learn special songs for the wedding couple?

A:  Yes. Hit Parade will learn and perform special live songs at the request of the wedding couple. A "special song" is any song not currently included on our master song list. There is a fee for each special song learned. This fee covers the time required for all musicians to learn the material independently, plus time for group rehearsal. To learn more about special song pricing, please complete a wedding inquiry form and we will be in contact ASAP. Note that the band can DJ any song at no additional cost. Please keep this in mind when budgeting for your wedding.

Q:  Do you take requests?

A:  Absolutely. If the wedding couple has a request, and we happen to know it, then we will play it. However, for weddings, we only honor requests made by the wedding couple, not guests. It's your big day... not theirs.

Q:  Are guests allowed to play the band's instruments?

A:  The instruments are off limits, but we will make a microphone available for special announcements.

Q:  Are the first dance and parent/child dances played live?

A:  They can be, but we suggest, for efficiency & flow purposes, that those dances be DJed. If you prefer them to be played live and have a special song in mind please see above for information on "special songs."

Q:  Who picks the live songs?

A:  For the live music/dance portion of the evening, you can provide a list of "must-plays" and a list of "do not plays" from our song list. We work with your list and build a killer set around it. Or, you can just trust us to build the sets for you and you don't have to do anything.

Q:  Who picks the DJed songs?

A:  You can or we can. The DJ song selection is limitless, we'll take as much or as little input as you're interested in providing.

Q:  What are the band's parking requirements?

A:  Hit Parade requires parking for 4 passenger vehicles and one truck & trailer. Total 6 spaces. When parking in paid garages the band will require parking validation. If parking validation is not available the band will bill the client in advance for parking fees.

Q:  What are the band's meal requirements?

A:  Hit Parade requires a total of 6 vendor meals. Your caterer should have a meal plan in place for all vendors (band, photographer, videographer, etc.) and should be prepared to accommodate. Band meals should be served a minimum of 45-minutes prior to the live music dance portion of the evening.

Q:  Does the band require access to the bar?

A:  That's up to you. We are happy to partake responsibly to match the energy of the party. We're also happy to refrain entirely. We're professionals. We will never over indulge nor let it impact a performance. We keep it classy.

Q:  Does the band require a private room?

A:  No. It's nice to have, but not a requirement. We're no strangers to getting dressed in a venue restroom or in our vehicles. We'll work with what's available.

Q:  What wedding services are available?

A:  Hit Parade offers several wedding packages to fit your needs. For more information, please complete our wedding inquiry form.

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